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South Tel Aviv is a ticking time bomb." until March 10th, 2018!Jerusalem is just as attractive during the cooler winter months and serves as a getaway from the extreme northern winters...The officer, identified as Captain Ashraf al-Kholi, went so far as to tell one celebrity host, Azmi Megahed, that if the Palestinians truly want an independent state, they should accept Ramallah as their capital and give up their insistence on controlling eastern Jerusalem. " asked Kholi, hinting at what many other Muslims in the region have been acknowledging of late - that Jerusalem doesn't really hold much religious significance for Islam."Exactly that," agreed Megahed, who later confirmed the authenticity of the recording to the New York Times.Shevach, 35, was driving home to the Jewish settler outpost of Havat Gilad in central Samaria late Tuesday evening when shots rang out from a passing vehicle.Shevach, a volunteer medic as well as a spiritual leader, was hit in the neck.

Israel finds itself in a conundrum–how can it turn away or deport those in need considering the Jews' own history?

And yet even while archaeological finds further confirm Jewish connection to the city over thousands of years, the UK and other major European powers stubbornly refuse to face reality.

In joining the predictable chorus of disapproval at the UN, the British people are in ever-increasing danger of being numbered among the goats of Judgment Day referred to by Jesus in the gospel of Matthew (25.31-46).

At his funeral, the frustration over incessant Palestinian violence targeting local Jewish residents was palpable.

Following the funeral, that Israeli army had to respond to several incidents of young local Jews attacking nearby Palestinian villages with stones.

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