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He started to participate in intellectual circles and the Buenos Aires night life.In 1897, when the civil war broke out in Uruguay, he returned to his home country and fought under Aparicio Saravia, thus continuing his family's history of political action.Sánchez è considerato il vero iniziatore del teatro moderno argentino e, in generale, di quello dell'America meridionale.Florencio Sánchez (January 17, 1875 – November 7, 1910) was a Uruguayan playwright, journalist and political figure.He contracted tuberculosis, which was spreading rapidly during the late 1880s and early 1900s.For many years, he had intended to travel to Europe to create a socially and economically successful play.On August 13, 1903, his first play, M'hijo el dotor ("My son, the doctor"), was performed in the Comedy Theater of Buenos Aires.

Sánchez moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1892, after spending some time in Rosario, a city in Santa Fe, Argentina. After his return to Montevideo in 1894, he began working as a journalist for the newspapers El Nacional ("The National"), La Razón ("The Reason"), and El Siglo ("The Century").Florencio Sánchez (Montevideo, 17 gennaio 1875 – Milano, 7 novembre 1910) è stato un drammaturgo uruguaiano.Nacque in Uruguay, dopo si trasferì in Argentina per la sua attività giornalistica e vi trascorse quasi interamente la sua breve e povera vita.He frequently accepted advances for plays which he had not yet finished or begun writing, and he sometimes wrote plays hurriedly, giving them away without final revisions.In 1906, Sánchez settled in La Plata, where he worked for the Office of Anthropometric Identification, which was funded by Juan Vucetich.

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In 1909, he found an opportunity to go and boarded the Italian ship Principe di Udine on September 25, arriving in Genova on October 13.