Justin timberlake who is he dating 2016

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Justin timberlake who is he dating 2016

It takes two PR executives, one musical director and a very large bodyguard to protect Justin Timberlake from just two words: Britney Spears.

In the living room of the bungalow in Los Angeles where we meet, the members of Timberlake's entourage shuffle in their seats and stare at the floor whenever the conversation strays away from "the music".

When I put it to him that his lyrics are somewhat saucy, he laughs. He thinks that women have "older souls" than men, and he "honours the female of the species"."There's so many things in this life that women go through that men will never experience, like childbirth. I just have the utmost respect for them." Then, jokingly, he adds: "Of course, I've met some women whom I've felt more mature than, but I'm not naming names."Women seem to have a high opinion of Timberlake, too.He's clearly a sensitive soul."I can't just have meaningless relationships with women," he says."I have to find Miss Right in order to have a relationship.Timberlake writes every one of his own songs, and is very proud of that fact; he describes his style as "hip-hop, urban, a bit skater, but with a lot of Seventies and Eighties influences".His new lyrics, too, are rather more grown-up than the usual boy-band froth, and while he would sooner chew his own arm off than divulge whether or not he and Britney broke their alleged vow of chastity, the words to his songs give the impression that Timberlake, at least, knows a thing or two about the birds and the bees.

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There's got to be that big moment when she comes along . ." He may be one of the richest 21-year-olds in America, but Timberlake has the same preoccupations as most other men his age.