Global personals dating agency

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Global personals dating agency

The mother could not be reached in the suburb of Manila where she resides. Manceau first appears in Mossack Fonseca records as a corporate director in 2001.Exactly what she earned for each directorship is not known.Employees of Mossack Fonseca stood by Taylor, who is now 73.“He is a man of high credibility, professional history and moral standard ... Taylor and his GT Group are genuine and clean partners,” an employee who signed his name as “Jiri” wrote in an interoffice email from the Prague office, where Jiri Myslivec worked, to headquarters in Panama.The Czech branch of Mossack Fonseca handled much of Taylor’s business, often setting up shell companies in the Seychelles, an archipelago in the Indian Ocean. Journalists never succeeded in tracking down Manceau after the weapons seizure.“Geoff,” he said, was Geoffrey Taylor, an eccentric Brit who emigrated to Asia in the 1960s.“She lived here for 20 years. She left Vanuatu four years ago,” Manceau said in a telephone call from Vanuatu. My daughter asks me to send her money.”Manceau said his ex-wife has only a basic education – “nothing more than six years.”In spite of her humble roots – or perhaps because of them — Nesita Manceau directs corporations registered all over the world.The couple have a daughter, Elodie, who did not respond to messages left on her Facebook account. She’s been a director of companies in Britain, the Ukraine, Belize, the United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, the Seychelles, Hong Kong and elsewhere.The director of SP Trading was a Chinese national, Lu Zhang, who worked as a cook at a Burger King restaurant in Auckland, New Zealand.She pleaded guilty in 2010 and was convicted of making false statements on company registration forms but was released without penalty. She was director of Vic Am (Auckland) Limited, the sole owner of SP Trading.

But when government investigators come around trying to figure out who owns an offshore corporation, Mossack Fonseca offers up their names as if they had an actual financial stake and knowledge of operations.Manceau was born in a remote Philippine hamlet called Cabay in Eastern Samar province.Her former husband said she once served as a housekeeper after moving to the South Pacific island nation of Vanuatu.“She was a house girl for Geoff,” said Rene Manceau, a Frenchman who described himself as a painter.Nominee directors literally rent out their names, often for little money, and should face legal scrutiny, he said.“If you started prosecuting nominee directors, it would certainly become less attractive to be a nominee.”Emails show that Mossack Fonseca would routinely keep signed resignation letters on file of zombie directors so that they could be replaced at any moment. She is, or has been, a manager or officer in four limited liability companies registered in Florida between 20.

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Courtesy of ICIJ In her passport, Nesita Manceau lists her occupation as “housewife.” But she does oh-so-much more. And she’s been tangled in an arms-running scandal involving North Korea and Iran.

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